WAR fuel oil

Note – 1 ton of WAR fuel oil is equivalent to 1176 litres of light heating oil in terms of energy content. The price includes excise duty tax and transportation costs to the customer (DDP). Price discount on negotiations.


WAR fuel oil is listed on industry portal www.e-petrol.pl.

WAR fuel oil is designed for standard oil boilers. It does not require any investment changes when using it after other heating oils. The oil has a low freezing point, low sulphur content, low CO and NOx emissions. It contains anti-corrosion and lubricant additives as well as catalysing additives aiding in the combustion process (WARMIX), which together protect the system against corrosion, extend service life of pumps and valves, increase boiler efficiency (no soot) and reduce harmful emissions. In addition, WAR fuel oil has such a low cetane number that it cannot absolutely be used as a diesel (running oil) – which can be especially recommended to clients faced with unplanned losses of fuel.


Files for download:
Characteristics Sheet
Produkt Specifications
Description of liquid fuels combusion